A brown spiral that is wider at the top than the centre, with black surround and text in white that says The Spiral Waltz, bilateral music.

The Spiral Waltz – Bilateral Music

I composed and produced this piece of bilateral music to offer gentle bilateral stimulation, but my aim was also to make it pleasing to listen to on its own terms. It is 5 mins and 22 secs long and the tempo is 112 BPM. It was written in D#Minor and is 3/4 time. I named it The Spiral Waltz as I composed it to a motif of keeping a broadly consistent melodic top line whilst varying the instrumentation and occasionally veering off but keeping within the boundaries of a returning theme. I wanted each turn of the spiral to have a slightly different sound.

What is bilateral music?

Bilateral music is used to assist with the processing of emotions in brainspotting and EMDR therapies. You could use it as music to have on whilst free writing or doing the morning pages, or you can listen to the track itself whilst doing something else, either is absolutely fine!

I use music like this when I do my morning pages and for when I am offloading or creative problem solving. Hopefully you might find it helpful for this too.

If you would like to use it whilst doing your free writing practice, or just listen to the track on its own, here is how you can do that.

Visit my store HERE. This link will take you to Bandcamp and it should look something like this:

Click the black play button to listen

The music should play without any issues on your device. Check volume levels and close any other windows that might be using audio if it doesn’t play. Check audio/sound settings on your laptop if you are not hearing anything.

If you like the work and would like to use it for your writing practice, or to listen to again whilst doing other things, click ‘Buy digital track’

You will be taken to the options (Paypal/Credit card) to pay £2.00. Then you can put the track into iTunes or onto your device to play whenever you want to. Check your DOWNLOADS folder if you cannot see the file. You will have the option to download either mp3, WAV or FLAC. mp3 is the smallest file size and will take less time to download. WAV is a big file but the quality is much better.

Try putting the track on whilst doing the morning pages, or whilst thinking about a problem that you are trying to solve. You need to listen through headphones/earbuds to get the bilateral effect though..

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