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Songwriting & Expressive writing

I am a songwriter and therapist and I am interested in how writing can help us to offload and process. My writing is an effort to express what I cannot communicate in other ways. There is something about the act of writing that is a physical, tangible mode of expression that seems different to speaking.


Just as writing feels like it’s own form of expression, performance poetry or spoken word also feels different to speaking. The lyrical phrasing and prosody of spoken word is a fascinating area of expression.


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I write on Substack and keep my music on Bandcamp. I also post on Instagram occasionally and my professional profile is on Linked in.

Ortense Blue

Performing ‘Why try to change me now’ at Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Jan 2023

Ortense Blue

About to perform ‘Go Peacefully‘ Aberystwyth 2023

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