Ep.3: A Red Fiat X19 and Crockett's theme 

I’m in Tommy’s red Fiat X19 and we’re driving along the Kingsbury Road towards Edgware Road, NW9. It’s a cool, dark evening, but a welcome cool after a hot day. A dusky purple night. 

Crockett’s Theme by Jan Hammer is sounding out from the stereo and it moves out freely from the windows of the car and into the wide space of the night, across the field to my right and over to the little rectangles of light coming from the eyes of the houses. 

It’s like me and the sound and the space have become bigger somehow and I’m rocking slightly with the rhythm of the car and the track, my head bobbing gently up and down. Up and down in perfect togetherness, me, the car, the song, and the night around me. 

I feel like I’ve made this perfect moment that I am in, by moving into the space between the song and the car and the outside, like I make them all move together with me, in synchrony.

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