Introduction to the Driving, Music and Me Memoir in a Micro Podcast 

Hello and welcome to Driving, Music & Me: a memoir in a micro podcast, or a micro-memoir in podcast format! 

Being in a car and listening to music is my go-to feel-good activity. 

I don’t know why, but it’s been that way since I was 5 and first heard Candle in the wind by Elton John as I was being carried along to another place my parent’s wanted to go to. 

Those moments when I’m in a car watching the outside move like a film as my ears and body are captivated by the sound and movement stand out to me as experiences of freedom and flow and feeling okay with everything, even when everything is not okay. 

As I’ve grown up this activity has taken me through difficult periods of my life and I’ve become fascinated as to why it feels the way it does. The more I’ve looked into this - from the viewpoints of my training in therapy, music and sound science, the more curious I’ve become. There really is a science behind this, as well as a wonderful hard-to-put-my-finger-on ‘art’ to it as well. 

This micro memoir is one way for me to try to reconstruct the feeling. If you are interested in this area too or would like to share your story do get in touch or you can check out my website at: I'm very interested to hear if anyone else feels this way about this activity!

There’s a Facebook page to keep up to date with what's happening and when, and attached to the Page is a group where you can add your experiences and thoughts.  For those of you who don't wish to use Facebook I've included a Forum at the bottom of this page.

I’ll also be creating a main playlist that will contain all the songs used in the episodes wherever possible. I thought it would be interesting to look for a cover version of each song used in an episode, so I'll add these to the playlist as well.  For this episode I decided to end with a song that feels good to listen to right now in the car. Today, on a sunny June day. I've chosen 'Cool Kids' by Echosmith, and the gorgeous cover version by Vitamin String Quartet.

Episodes will be released into the world weekly at 7am on Monday mornings during each season. 

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