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Ep.6: Only in my dreams in a Red Fiat X19 

Episode 6 - Only in my dreams in a Red Fiat X19 

December 31st 1987 and Tommy and I drove in the car to Trafalgar Square to celebrate NYE. You could drive right into Trafalgar Square at that time and…

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Ep.5 Breakout in a Red Peugeot 205 GTI 

The Peugeot 205 GTI Diesel 

This was the car everyone wanted to drive at our company when it appeared. 

It was punchy, swift, quick to respond and a pleasure to drive. Well that’s what the people who drove it told…

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Ep.4: Everywhere in a White Maestro van 

Everywhere in a White Maestro van 

This episode is a little snippet of the drive to work on a Tuesday morning in 1988 with my boyfriend trying to get from Mapesbury road in Cricklewood to Holloway road in Archway.


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Ep.3: A Red Fiat X19 and Crockett's theme 

I’m in Tommy’s red Fiat X19 and we’re driving along the Kingsbury Road towards Edgware Road, NW9. It’s a cool, dark evening, but a welcome cool after a hot day. A dusky purple night. 

Crockett’s Theme by Jan Hammer is…

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Ep2: A Blue Ford Zephyr and a Candle in the wind 

My earliest memory of listening to music whilst being in the car is a sensory one. I remember the yukky smell of cigarettes and leather in my Dad’s Ford Zephyr as we swooped past the houses and shops on the…

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