About Me

Songwriter – Writer – Creative Therapist.

Who I Am

I am a writer, composer and producer.
I’m trained in several different styles of writing: songwriting, poetry, and academic writing. I’ve written a non-fiction book in my therapy work.
I also write and produce music..

What I Do

I write songs, poems, and spoken word pieces and compose and produce music using Logic Pro.
I write and produce bilateral music for therapy settings and for general listening.

Articles about awe, bilateral music, songwriting and much more!


Bilateral Music Stimulation: Hand over the cup of a headphone, a screen with a soundwave is in the background
Bilateral Music | Functional Music

What is Bilateral Music Stimulation?

Introduction What can bilateral music stimulation help with and what does the research say about it? Are there findings that support the claims made in various playlists? Is bilateral music the same as binaural music? There are so many playlists on Spotify, YouTube and TikTok at the moment with this title. What is this type…

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