About Me

Songwriter – Therapist.

Who I Am

I am a writer and lover of the sound of words. The thing I most enjoy about writing songs is the rhythm and the sounds of words and what these can communicate. I am also a therapist and interested in the power of the expressive arts to heal. I have written a non-fiction book on managing emotions and am interested in creative ways of processing daily feelings.

What I Do

I write and produce my own music as well as collaborating with other writers.

I also write and produce bilateral music for Brainspotting and EMDR Therapy sessions, and music for wellbeing.

I have an MMus in Music & Sound and studied Pop and Jazz Singing at Leeds College of Music. I’ve trained in Songwriting through various courses and retreats and have practised this craft in songwriting camps.

Articles about awe, bilateral music, songwriting and much more!


Bilateral Music Stimulation: Hand over the cup of a headphone, a screen with a soundwave is in the background
Bilateral Music | Functional Music

What is Bilateral Music Stimulation?

Introduction What can bilateral music stimulation help with and what does the research say about it? Are there findings that support the claims made in various playlists? Is bilateral music the same as binaural music? There are so many playlists on Spotify, YouTube and TikTok at the moment with this title. What is this type…

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